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Auto Service Contracts
Should you pay extra for an "extended warranty"?

Breaking Your Lease
You may have to pay if you break your lease.

Car Repairs
Person referrals and written estimates can help you avoid a bad ride.

Consumer Contracts
What you should know when you enter into a contract.

Contracts in Small Claims Court
What a contract is, and what it means in court.

Keys to Vehicle Leasing
Dealers must disclose details on costs and terms.

Leasing a Car
Advantages and pitfalls of leasing.

Look Before You Lease
Read the fine print carefully before you sign the lease.

Making the Deal
Close your car deal by following these tips.

Negotiating A Comprehensive Employment Agreement
Follow these steps to ensure a solid employment contract.

The Rental Agreement
Make sure your rental agreement includes everything it should.

Tort or Contract?
How to tell the difference in small claims court.

How to use your product's warranty in small claims court.

Warranties and Service Contracts
What warranties cover and limitations of service contracts.

When Sales Are Final
What does "as is" really mean."

Winning a Contracts Case in Small Claims Court
What you must show to convince the judge you're on the right side.

Writing Effective and Comprehensive Buy-Sell Agreements
Identify potential problem areas before entering a buy-sell agreement.



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