Discharge, repayment of debt, your rights, how to file, effects of bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy.

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Alternatives To Bankruptcy: Debt Consolidation Loans
Avoid bankruptcy by bundling loans into one large one.

Anticipating Bankruptcy Problems - Questions and Answers
Quick answers to your questions about bankruptcy problems.

The federal Bankruptcy Judges Division can answer all your questions.

Bankruptcy - Questions and Answers
Answers to clear up your questions about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and Your Credit Rating
Bankruptcy offers you a fresh start on your credit problems.

Bankruptcy for Individuals
If you're drowning in debt, bankruptcy can be a lifesaver.

Bankruptcy: An Overview
What you should know before deciding to file.

Chapter 11 Reorganization
Chapter 11 is usually the choice of corporations.

Chapter 13 Adjustments of Debts of an Individual with a Regular Income
If you have a regular salary, Chapter 13 may work for you.

Chapter 7 Liquidations
Is Chapter 7 the right one for you?

Chapter 7 Questions and Answers
What happens to your debts under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When you co-sign, you pay if the primary borrower doesn't.

Commencing Your Bankruptcy - Questions and Answers
How to start the bankruptcy process.

Dealing With Collection Agencies
Know your rights when you come up against a collection agency.

Dealing with the IRS
Bankruptcy does not keep the taxman away.

Debtor's Rights After Bankruptcy
What to do if creditors still hound you.

Disadvantages to Bankruptcy
The downside to filing for bankruptcy.

Discharge of Debts and Creditors's Objections
If creditors object, you might still have to pay.

Do You Need a Lawyer For Bankruptcy?
A good lawyer can save you plenty in the long run.

Employment Rights After Discharge in Bankruptcy
Your employer can't fire you for going bankrupt.

Filing Your Forms
Get your forms to all the right places.

Information You Will Need To Start Your Bankruptcy
Begin with details about your debts and your property.

Landlords and Leases
Handling leases is tricky under bankruptcy.

Liquidation Under the Bankruptcy Code
Sell off assets to pay off your creditors.

Rebuilding Your Credit
Make your bankruptcy a new beginning.

You can avoid paying some forms of taxes through bankruptcy.

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